Let it snow

I love snow! There’s something about the stillness and the freshness of an undisturbed blanket of white that is beautiful and peaceful to me.

Every snowfall is unique. As soon as I head out to clear the driveway I discover whether it’s heavy or light. Sometimes it’s heavy enough that I have to change to a different shovel (we have 4 different kinds of snow shovels). Regardless, it’s a good round of exercise, which my FitBit sometimes registers as Sport!

Another thing learned while shoveling is whether the snow is quiet or loud. That unique squeaky snow must be from some special combination of temperature and moisture content. Sometimes otherwise quiet snow can turn loud if there’s been a warm day that’s put a layer of crunch atop the accumulation.

I keep a watchful eye on our backyard after each snowfall. Tracks reveal when and how many deer have wandered through, that the hares and squirrels are still active and sometimes show that the neighbourhood coyote has been on the prowl. Very occasionally we’ll see the brush of feathers in the snow where a bird has landed to beak up some snow for a drink.

Walking residential sidewalks and regional pathways is an opportunity to study the different kinds of boot treads, observe the incidence of traction aids like NANOspikes, and notice bike treads and stroller tracks. One of the mysteries of tracks in the snow can be which came first…and how long between passersby?

A fresh layer of snow is also a great opportunity to tromp out an uplifting message or simple heart. Snow-graffiti is fleeting, so who cares if you make a mistake. And if you find a hill with just the right incline, maybe your message will bring a moment of joy to someone driving past or riding the bus.

Another way to spread cheer with snow is to build a snowman or a more ambitious snow sculpture. For that, you need sticky snow, which is actually quite rare in Calgary. I made only one snowman last winter and have yet to build one this winter.

My favourite snow activities are snowshoeing, sledding and snowman building. How do you like to spend a snow day?

This post is for Day 13 of the 2018 20 Days of Chill Writing Challenge. Here’s everything you need to know about the challenge: hosted by A ‘lil HooHaa, who sets a daily theme for 20 weekdays in January. Write on any/all theme(s), publish and link up. Then, do some blog hopping to read and comment on other participating posts!

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  1. Linda says:

    I love your observations on the types of snow, and share your feelings about the beauty of an unmarred expanse of the fluffy white stuff. We are having a snow day here, which worked well with the prompt (pictures too).


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